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Vancouver today:

Vancouver has around 2.3 million people is the third largest city by population in Canada, (Toronto 5.5 million & Montréal 3.75 million in 2008 data). Get new numbers!

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ESL business owners with college level overseas English vocab, Vancouver is so multicultural, historically port cities have always mercilessly simplified languages for the sake of business and trade.

Cost of living/rent/homes – http://tinyhouseblog.com/earthcob/recipe-for-building-a-cob-house/


Vancouver Weather
Famous for rainy days
Current conditions provided by the Weather Office. Also visit the: 7 Day Vancouver Forecast

Vancouver Webcams (search again)

Here are extensive directories of webcams all over the city and surrounding region. HighwayCams are placed all over the province and let you view traffic and weather conditions at a glance.

Telemark Systems Kat Kam
Vancouver.com Webcam Search
Vancouver Info Centre Webcam Page
Greater Vancouver Regional District Webcams
Drive BC Lower Mainland HighwayCams
Vancouver Weather Page Weather Cameras

Vancouver History:

Jak King Vancouver historian: I have a couple of books published (http://thedrivepress.wordpress.com/2011/04/13/the-drive-is-published/, and http://thedrivepress.wordpress.com/2012/02/06/the-encyclopedia-of-commercial-drive-is-released/) and I’m working on a number of others. Always researching ….

Hi there! Just wanted to remind you that Goad’s 1912 Map of Vancouver in 4 volumes is available online. Grandview is in Volume Two which you can find here:

http://www.reinstatethirdpartyappeals.org/salsbury.html – The Salsbury Garden Story

I think Goad’s 1912 map is one of the true glories of urban cartography and provides a unique picture of Grandview at that period of time. I use it every single day.
~ Jak King



Heritage Vancouver http://www.heritagevancouver.org
Grandview Heritage Group http://grandviewheritagegroup.org
City of Vancouver Archives http://searcharchives.vancouver.ca/

Vancouver Links
Residential properties for sale tell a lot about a city, you don’t need to be a realtor to browse the listings. View residential properties at Realtor.ca

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British Columbia

British Columbia is the only province in Canada west of the Rocky Mountains. BC is known for fishing, skiing, festivals, vast forests, and distinctly Pacific coastline views. People who live in BC are mostly from Aboriginal, European, and Asian backgrounds and live mostly in Vancouver and Victoria. Smaller cities such as Kelowna and sacred places like the Queen Charlotte Islands are known worldwide, some places in BC are so remote they are still untouched by development and only accessible by boat or small plane. BC Ferries are vital to transportation between the Mainland and Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast as well as other coastal communities.

BC Ferry Schedules

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BC Ferries
Province of BC
BC Parks
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Oh Canada! (flag)

Canada has nearly ten million square kilometers of land and takes up most of the northern half of North America above the 49th parallel other than Greenland and Alaska. Canada´s borders span from the Pacific to the Atlantic and Arctic Oceans, and Canada’s southern neighbor is the USA.

Map of Canada

Polar bear on twonie – icon of Canada yet most folks have never seen a polar bear!

Fun Canadian words quiz

Around 20 percent of Canada´s population are recent immigrants. Mother Tongue Statistics from 2006 show our most common languages are English, French, Chinese (Cantonese, Mandarin, Hakka), Italian, German, Punjabi, Spanish, Arabic, Tagalog (Pilipino), Portuguese, Polish, Aboriginal languages, Urdu, Vietnamese, Ukrainian, and Persian (Farsi).

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Population 2009 by Province
British Columbia 4,455,207
Alberta 3,687,662
Saskatchewan 1,030,129
Manitoba 1,221,964
Ontario 13,069,182
Quebec 7,828,879
Newfoundland and Labrador 508,925
Nova Scotia 938,183
New Brunswick 749,468
Prince Edward Island 140,985
Yukon 33,653
Northwest Territories 43,439
Nunavut 32,183
Canada Total 33,739,859

Statistics Canada – Population 2009

Government of Canada
Parks Canada
Canada Travel
Statistics Canada

World population counter

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